Hyrule Warriors’ Master Quest DLC Includes Nods to Majora’s Mask

Despite Nintendo’s announcement that Majora’s Mask DLC will arrive for Hyrule Warriors in February, the game’s first DLC pack includes character skins inspired by the unique Zelda title. The Master Quest DLC pack, available worldwide on October 16 (the same day as the free villain pack), will include a Darunia skin resembling the Majora’s Mask’s ghostly Darmani and one for Princess Ruto styled after the lead singer of the Indigo-Gos. The pack will also include a skin for Zelda, turning her into her A Link Between Worlds alternate Hilda. You can check out all three below.

The Master Quest DLC pack will also include new outfits for Agitha, Zant, and Link, along with new story scenarios and a new Adventure Mode map.

Images: NeoGAF