Nintendo Launches New Website Aimed at Kids and Parents

Nintendo has launched a new website aimed at children called Play Nintendo, a hub for everything kid-friendly that’s Nintendo produced. The site offers information on the latest 3DS and Wii U games, as well as wallpapers, character polls, arts and crafts, and all sorts of Nintendo fun. Fans can read about Nintendo’s roster of characters, learn tips and tricks for games like Mario Kart 8, and even find a few hidden goodies.

A trip to the “parents” section of the page reveals crash courses on the Wii U gamepad and StreetPass, and a wide assortment of suggestions and examples of how Nintendo games can be integrated into your family and child’s education.

Nintendo has always been associated with the younger contingent of gamers, but it seems the company is re-doubling its efforts to communicate their appeal to children approaching this holiday season. This focused strategy alongside the upcoming releases of heavy-hitting properties like Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon could result in a crucially successful end of the year for Nintendo.