Pools Finally Coming to Sims 4, Ghosts and Star Wars Available Now

EA’s quirky life simulator wasn’t all that it could have been at launch, with a glaring lack of content a key concern. Although updates and expansions were a given from the get-go, it seems as though the company is prepared to make amends.

In a blog post by The Sims 4 executive producer Rachel Franklin, plans for free content were unveiled — starting now, and stretching through the end of the year. Chief among the items were pools, an exclusion series fans were quite upset about. Your Sims will be able to enjoy (or suffer through) splashing, swimming and, in my classic playstyle, being trapped in a wet dungeon of death sometime in November.

The first update (made available today) features two completely random inclusions: Ghosts and a Star Wars costume set. According to the blog, ghosts of your deceased Sims will “maintain all the attributes they had a as a Sim, but with special new behaviors based on how they died.” Players will also be able to invite the apparitions back into the household as playable characters.

On the flip-side, the costume set brings Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing pilot suit, Yoda’s outfit and mask, Leia’s white robes and Darth Vader’s iconic everything to life for some Halloween shenanigans. Additional paths and reward are slated for December, and players can access all the free downloads by logging on to Origin.

If you’ve been looking for something fun to do with your virtual family, why not haunt the crap out of your costumed kiddies with EA’s first of many content patches?

Watch the Ghosts trailer below: