Influent Italian DLC Puts the “It” in Fuhgeddaboudit

Love on your mind? Why not recite a rich, authentic opera from below your loved ones ivy-painted balcony. Wait, you can’t speak Italian? You haven’t downloaded Influent? You’re not much of a singer? For shame!

For those of you not in the loop, Influent is a vocabulary-honing sandbox adventure from Three Flip Studios. The game, which boasts “500 unique audio pronunciations” per language, is an incredible study tool for both beginners and those looking to sharpen an existing skill. By presenting its lessons within 3D environments, Influent dodges the monotony frequently associated with study. Nearly every object in the game acts as a virtual flashcard, so learning becomes second nature to clicking (as well as exploring, smiling and laughing) as your brain absorbs information in the coolest way possible: through a video game.

The latest language pack focuses on Italian, tongue of the romantics (and mobsters). You’ll finally be able to pen an impressive (and creepily obsessive) letter to your favorite telenovela actress, or break strikes for your borgata’s cosca. If you’ve already purchased Influent, the DLC can be nabbed for $4.99. Those without the base game can pick it up — plus any one of the 12 available languages — for $9.99.

While learning and fun rarely meld harmoniously, Influent is the proof of possibility. It’s engrossing, enjoyable and, most importantly, effective. Read our review for more information.