DriveClub Reaches New Level of Cheesiness with Fresh TV Ad

It’s no secret that the PlayStation 4’s biggest (read: only) first-party exclusive this fall is DriveClub. The latest offering from Evolution Studios aims to bring arcade racing to a new level, as its high social connectivity and intense graphical realism could potentially make it something to remember. Today, the heavily-delayed former PlayStation 4 launch title got a new television ad in Europe, and it’s…well it’s something:

Obviously “The DriveClub Oath” is supposed to be over-the-top, right? Sony and Evolution aren’t expecting us to shed blood in honor of our team of online miscreants. Do they truly believe that we’ll place our Club over our interpersonal relationships? Oh, and let’s be real: no gamer is going to slide onto their knees out of either joy or agony. Our couches are far more comfortable than our floors.