Gamefly Flash Sale Takes Infamous: Second Son and Titfanfall to Under $20

Gamefly’s flash sales haven’t been too big recently, but today’s flash sale is quite noteworthy. It’s a small sale in terms of quantity, but pretty high with quality. Infamous: Second Son is one of the most jaw-dropping games on the PS4, and it can be yours for $18 used. Similarly, Titanfall is a super-fast FPS that will set you back $18 as well. Madden NFL 25 is $10 on the Xbox One, while Knack is $13. If you’re a casual football fan, getting Madden for $10 isn’t a bad deal, while Titanfall is an excellent value. Infamous: Second Son is the easiest game to recommend here since there’s a lot of life to the game and if you enjoyed the original run of it on the PS3, this gives you more of that, but with more impressive graphics that have blown people away since the minute it launched. Sucker Punch’s post-launch support has been impressive as well, with the release of a HUD-free setup that enables you to take stunning screenshots without any on-screen clutter.