Heroes Of The Storm Adds Two Characters, Begins Final Technical Alpha Phase

Blizzard’s entry into MOBA madness, Heroes of the Storm, had been offline for over a week now. Today, after a long silence, we were granted patch notes and a deeper look at the two newest entries: Diablo’s fearsome Azmodan and the Traitor King Anub’arak from WarCraft.

Anub’arak is shaping up to be a tough, in your face brawler of the Warrior class, Heroes’ tanky group of characters. His kit includes a skillshot that stuns in a line, a burrow-charge, a shield and a Trait that spawns heaps of helpful Beetles. One of his Heroic Abilities spawns a swarm of damaging Locusts that heal him, and the other immobilizes an enemy in webbing. Creepy crawly indeed.

Azmodan is a damage-dealer with tons of ally-summoning. His Q and E abilities are ranged nukes, and his W and Trait revolve around summoning demonic allies to wreak havoc on opponents. His Heroic Ability either spawns a swarm of Grunts, or a pool that buffs Azmodan and his minions.

Additional features added with this latest patch include Custom Games, Replays, and Observer functionality, all hotly anticipated additions. Blizzard is wasting no time adding everything players feel is necessary for a thriving MOBA.

On the design side, a handful of buildings have received improved art, alongside many talent. Infested Tychus who is now the very first Legendary Skin in the game, and his abilities all feature unique particles. Other characters whose abilities or skins got some love include Muradin, Nova, Tassadar, Raynor, Gazlowe and Nazeebo.

A handful of Heroes have also received some balance adjustments, most significantly Nova who saw a pretty in-depth rework.

Read these and the rest of the patch notes here.