Jake “Virt” Kaufman Among Headliners at Gamer’s Rhapsody Music & Art Festival

Gamer’s Rhapsody, a festival celebrating video game music and art is coming to St. Paul, Minnesota on November 15-16. Today, they’ve announced that Jake “Virt” Kaufman of Shovel Knight fame has joined the final concert line-up for the inaugural event. Kaufman joins the previously announced Disasterpeace (of FEZ), and Dale North to round out the planned live musical performances for the expo.

In addition to the live musical performances, Gamer’s Rhapsody will also include art workshops, a jam space for musicians to team up and perform with each other, panels hosted by industry professionals and “internet personalities,” a vendor room for people to buy and sell game-related goods, and an indie game showcase. Other events yet to be revealed will complete the two-day event; the first of this size and scope for the region.

The growing list of “guests of honor” who will be attending the event and either performing or hosting panels include:

  • Dale North (composer of Dragon Fantasy Book II, Silent Horror)
  • Disasterpeace (composer of Fez, The Floor is Jelly, Runner2)
  • Emily Reese (host of Minnesota Public Radio’s Top Score)
  • Jake “virt” Kaufman (composer of Shovel Knight, DuckTales Remastered, Contra 4)
  • Jayson Napolitano (producer at Scarlet Moon Productions)
  • Nerd Enhanced Sound (videogame music jazz trio)
  • OverClocked ReMix (videogame remixing community)
  • Tim Turi (Senior Associate Editor at Game Informer)

“What really makes me excited for Gamer’s Rhapsody is the chance to meet people who share the same level of passion for videogames as me, whether they are coming from across the country or right here in the Twin Cities,” notes Gamer’s Rhapsody founder Thomas Spargo. “I’ve been to all of the major videogame concerts in the Twin Cities, but Gamer’s Rhapsody will be more than just a concert. We strive to be a community. ”

“Events like this are a great way for us hole dwellers to get out and meet like-minded individuals and share in the revelry of videogames and music,” adds composer and performer Disasterpeace. “I’m very excited for the opportunity to play a grand piano and sing totally not game music in front of an audience of game enthusiasts. This is also my first trip to Minnesota and I’m excited for that too.”

For those interested, you can purchase tickets online prior to the event on their official website, but they will also be available at the door when it kicks off.