The Flame in the Flood Comes to Kickstarter Courtesy of Ex-Irrational, Harmonix, and Bungie Staff

Just this week, some ex-Irrational Games staff members showcased a new game, The Black Glove. Developed by Day for Night Games, the title looked to pull heavily from Bioshock. However, it looks as though some staff (as well as ex-Bungie and Harmonix developers) joined another group — The Molasses Flood, which also debuted their upcoming title, The Flame in the Flood, on Kickstarter.

The Flame in the Flood is described as “Toobin’ meets the Oregon Trail.” Playing as Scout, you must deal with a seriously unfriendly environment in hopes of surviving a journey to the end of the river. This means staying warm, dry, and uneaten. Once Scout dies the only thing you can do is start over again. However, her pet dog Aesop saves a pack full of items saved from your last game.

Considering how popular both roguelike and survival games have been as of late, The Flame in the Flood shouldn’t have much trouble reaching its $150,000 goal. If you hurry you’ll also be able to nab a PC copy for $15 instead of $20, but that tier is going fast.