Elder Scrolls-Inspired Frontiers Gets Progress Update, VR Functionality

It’s been a hot second since Lars Simkins let us know how Frontiers was coming along. Two months, to be exact, and backers of the incredibly ambitious and equally promising project have been foaming at the mouth for information. Yesterday, he finally broke his since.

First and foremost, there still isn’t a release date. Contain your groans – Lars is trying to provide as polished of a product possible before releasing the beta, and is in the process of weeding out as many game-breaking bugs before then as possible. His goal is to release at least a fully-fleshed out story when the beta drops.

Additionally, he’s been working on implementing VR functionality into the game. If you’ve ever wanted to actually live inside the worlds of Skyrim, Dragon Age or another fantasy RPG, you’re probably drooling right now. It’s apparently tons of fun, but there are some issues with dropped frames and the UI.

And, uh, he added a picture of him and his ever-growing beard, which looks like a ginger Cthulhu is trying to emerge from the lower half of the man’s face.