Evolve’s ‘Big Alpha’ Gets a Start Date

We at Hardcore Gamer have absolutely adored every minute we’ve spent with Evolve so far. Turtle Rock’s smart blend of cooperative and adversarial multiplayer is gripping from the moment players pick up their controller for the first time. Even though the gaming community has to wait until February 2015 to play the full version of Evolve, players who can’t wait to play have the opportunity to register for its Big Alpha starting today.

Evolve‘s Big Alpha will start on October 30th for Xbox One players and October 31st for PlayStation 4 and PC. The Alpha will run for all platforms until November 2nd, meaning that gamers will have the chance to slay Evolve‘s massive monsters for three to four sleepless days. If you’ve pre-ordered Evolve from GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, or Walmart, you’ll have guaranteed access to the Big Alpha, so brace yourselves. It should be noted that Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and PlayStation Plus memberships will be necessary to play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, respectively.