The Evil Within Can Go Beyond 30fps On PC

Much to the disappointment of fans, it was reported that The Evil Within would be capped at 30fps. Naturally, PC gamers were none too pleased, as their restrictions aren’t (and shouldn’t be) the same as those who’ve chosen the console route. However, in a recent forum post, publisher Bethesda was quick to clarify the matter.

From the post:

Shinji Mikami and the team at Tango designed The Evil Within to be played at 30fps. For PC players, we’ll provide debug commands on how you can alter the framerate and aspect ratio, but these commands and changes are not recommended or supported and we suggest everyone play the game as it was designed and intended for the best experience.

According to the company, it’s entirely possible — but not recommended — to push the game further than previously suggested. It’s also possible to disable letterboxing, but again, Bethesda cannot condone the action.