Wolf Among Us Comes to Retail on Last and Current-Gen Consoles November 4th

A certain debonair and handsome reviewer was very fond of The Wolf Among Us, and many other members of the Hardcore Gamer staff loved it too. Telltale’s take on the Fables universe stays faithful to the comics while spinning an original tale full of intrigue and suspense. The game was released on every last-gen console, but didn’t reach PS4 or Xbox One in its initial episodic run. That changes on November 4th, when The Wolf Among Us hits retail for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. Not only will this release give non-PC gamers a chance to play the game at high resolutions with a smooth, stable frame rate, it also gives collectors the opportunity to put it on their shelves. To hype up this announcement, Telltale has released a new trailer for the game: