Highly Endorsed Rogue Wizards Comes To Kickstarter

With talent that’s worked on games like Diablo 3, Marvel Heroes, Command & Conquer, Might and Magic and more, you expect a certain degree of polish and depth. Spellbind Studios acknowledges that, and in turn presents a fresh, visually-appealing take on roguelike dungeon crawlers with Rogue Wizards.

Quick turn-based tile-crossing action awaits players as they smash their way through caves and castles in the quest for ever-greater loot, with both environments and goodies randomly generated. It very much looks like Torchlight or Diablo meets Rogue, with an adorable and pleasing cartoony visual style.

Outside of the procedurally-generated dungeons, players build and customize their home and the surrounding town, create reagents, buy and craft gear, upgrade magic and gather allies. Rogue Wizards has been endorsed by the creator of the Diablo Series, designer and creator of Left For Dead, and the man behind both Diablo 1 & 2 as well as the Torchlight series.

15$ nets you a copy of the game on its Kickstarter. Give it a thumbs-up on Greenlight while you’re at it, too. The game is slated for a 2016 Mac and Windows release with iOS and Android to arrive later.