New Lego Minecraft Sets are Bigger and Better

If you’re sick of building stuff in the digital world or your construction business is facing the harsh lulls of an economic crisis, Lego’s been making foot-stabbing toys since the early 1930’s; the latest of which perfectly captures the magic of repetitively clicking and rearranging blocks ad nauseam.

Re-introducing: Lego Minecraft. The first few sets in Lego’s Minecraft series launched back in 2012. Sadly, they were too small for any real creativity to shine, and didn’t smack of that authentic, pixel-crafted aesthetic we’ve come to pretend to love so much.

Now, Lego is making amends (and probably tons of money) by combining game and plastic like never before. The new sets are much bigger, prettier and will no doubt allow for some playful shenanigans (and late night, dark stumbling profanity).

Check out the lot of them below: