The Talos Principle Gets a Freebie Prelude Mini-game

Well this looks familiar. Devlover Digital is giving away a game to promote their bigger game they’d like you to love and pay for, which somehow seems like a much nicer way to gain attention than a series of Youtube trailers.  Last year it was Shadow Warrior Classic, still available free on Steam and worth the trip back to 1997, and earlier this year there was the Broforce spin-off The Expendabros, only good until the end of this year due to movie licensing.  The newest freebie promo game is Sigils of Elohim, a simple little puzzle game about fitting all the tetrominos onto a grid. Simple is nothing like easy, however, and as the grids get larger the puzzles get trickier.

At the moment there’s 32 puzzles available divided up into four sections of eight puzzles each, and completing a set earns you a code to use in The Talos Principle to unlock some kind of as-yet unexplained bonus.  There are also three sections divided up between A, B, and C, but right now only the A puzzles are available, with more being released as we get closer to The Talos Principle’s release day.  The puzzles in Sigils of Elohim are one of many different kinds that will be available in The Talos Principle, which is a completely combat-free first person puzzler from Croteam.

Apparently years of the wonderfully dumb Serious Sam games have taken their toll so Croteam are going to break your brain rather than your fire button, all while letting you take your time wandering the lovely environments rendered in the fourth iteration of their Serious Engine.  The Talos Principle still has its release date labeled as a nebulous “Fall 2014”, but in the meantime Sigils of Elohim offers a tasty sample of one of the many types of puzzles that will be available in its parent game.