The Flame in the Flood Funded, Finding Future Financing for Fantasy Features

The Flame in the Flood hit Kickstarter just one week ago with a lofty goal of $150,000, which seemed more than a bit steep in the current crowd-funding climate.  After a few days, however, it was obvious any misgivings about the game’s Kickstarter chances were unnecessary, and late last night the game reached its initial goal.  So now with that out of the way, what’s next?  Stretch goals, of course!

One of the things The Molasses Flood (which makes them the developer with the single most Boston-y name ever) is being careful to avoid is adding features that will either stretch them beyond what they can deliver or delay the game an unreasonable amount, so you won’t be seeing anything that redefines the experience to its very core.  $175k and $225k, for example, add various language support, which will do nice things to expand The Flame and the Flood’s potential audience but, seeing as I don’t speak any of those languages, it’s hard to get too excited.  $200k is a fun one with raft customization, however, and $250k adds an endless mode, so there’s some nice additions that should be relatively easy to reach with the current funding speed.  After that is the PS4 target and then, if the campaign somehow doubles its initial starting goal and clears $300,000, they’ll reveal the final two mysterious options.  It looks like a long way to go, but they’ve managed to come this far in a single short week so maybe, with a bit of luck, we’ll find out what those last two could be by campaign’s end.