Comedy Visual Novel ‘Roommates’ Now Available on Steam

If you’ve never played a visual novel then you might have the notion that they all revolve around high school drama. Not true. Roommates, one such title by Winter Wolves, tosses players into college life! All jokes aside, this visual novel focuses on the lighter side of college — one filled with amusing moments, attractive peers, and an exciting dorm. Shocking!

Roommates offers the traditional visual novel stuff along with some nifty stat-raising gameplay. Should players focus on studying certain subjects or sacrifice their grade to hang out? That’s up to you. One particularly interesting aspect of the game is that it offers both male and female romanceable options. With that said, they’re all “straight” relationships.

Those interested in giving Roommates a shot can buy it on Steam for $24.99 or a buck more for the Deluxe Edition, which includes a soundtrack and wallpapers.