Code Age: The Square Enix Franchise We Never Experienced

During the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn lore panel, Michael Christopher Koji-Fox – a longtime translator for Square Enix – revealed that he had entirely translated Code Age Commanders before he was informed that the game would not be released to territories outside of Japan.

Code Age Commanders was one of three entries into the Code Age franchise, an attempt by Square Enix to establish a new intellectual property. Code Age Brawls, a mobile game, and a Code Age Archives manga were released as well, with the three to be used alongside future releases to give a better idea of the universe. The Code Age series took place inside a kind of Dyson sphere, which underwent a complete destruction and reconstruction ever 10,000 years. Preparing for this, humans attempted to shield themselves in Arks during the process, and survivors had to deal with the fallout: dangerous monsters known as Otellos which turn humans into mindless monsters known as Coded. However, Ark passengers were turned into powerful fighters known as Warheads and continued to protect humanity.

Despite some impressive graphics for the time – the game was released in October of 2005 for the PlayStation 2 – it never gained the traction Square Enix thought justified a global release. Kumi Tanioka (known for composing the Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon and Project Sylpheed soundtracks) did the music for Code Age Commanders and Brawls, Yusuke Naora (art contributor, director or supervisor to games including Final Fantasy VI-VIII, X, The Last Remnant and more) contributed as a producer, artist and writer.

A Japanese-language, English-subbed trailer for the series we never got to experience can be seen below.