Paranautical Activity Removed from Steam Store Shortly After Launch

Paranautical Activity is an FPS roguelike that just made its way out of Steam Early Access today. If you checked Steam today you may have noticed the game being advertised on the front page with “Early Access” still prominently displayed. This unfortunate error happens from time to time with ex-Early Access games and, sadly, might impact its sales.

Developer Code Avarice made a handful of angry Twitter messages directed at Valve — including a pointed message to Gabe Newell himself. Valve’s response? Remove Paranautical Activity from Steam entirely. Said threatening Twitter message has since been deleted, but nothing is ever truly gone once posted online. As such, it appears that Code Avarice and Valve’s business relationship has been terminated.

It is still possible to buy Paranautical Activity (and even get a working Steam code). The developer suggests buying their $9.99 game from the Humble Store in particular. Other digital distribution options include Desura and GamersGate.