Tetrobot and Co. Gets a Wii U Release Date

The Wii U is slowly but surely becoming a pretty interesting indie console, as it’s downloadable library is gradually putting the “There’s no games!” argument to rest. One of the more promising independent titles set for a Wii U release, Tetrobot and Co., has just received a release date. North American and European players will be able to conquer this mind-bending puzzler on October 30th.

Tetrobot and Co. is centered around guiding your tiny Psychobot (no, this is not the name of my metal band) through a series of puzzles inside of a much larger robot, Tetrobot. The gameplay centers around manipulating various environmental elements to get your mini-robot from Point A to Point B. Neko Entertainment and Swing Swing Submarine note that fans of the Pushmo series should feel right at home with Tetrobot and Co.’s unique take on level alteration.

It’s worth noting that Tetrobot and Co. can be controlled in a number of interesting ways. Players will have the opportunity to play using Gamepad touch controls, Pro Controller buttons, Wii Remote cursor controls, or Off-TV Play.