Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Demo Code Distribution Detailed

It was announced that there are more ways of obtaining a demo code for the upcoming Pokémon game. Other than being a registered member of the Pokémon Trainer Club, there are going to be a few other chances to snatch it up.

If you purchase other Pokémon titles there will be a code coming along with it. This includes Pokemon Art Academy (October 24), Pokémon Puzzle League (November 6) and Pokémon Trading Card Game (November 13).

On October 31, Nintendo Network ID holders will get another opportunity that’s similar to the Trainer Club program where you must sign up to receive newsletters.

From November 7-13 certain movie theaters in the US will be handing out the codes while supplies last, but no word yet on which ones. Then finally, between November 24 and December 21, which is past the game’s release, more codes will be distributed through a holiday mall tour.

Those with the demo will receive a Glalie along with its Mega Stone which can then be transferred to the full version. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby will be out November 21 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.