WWE 2K15 Who Got NXT Mode Revealed as Xbox 360 and PS3 Exclusive

With MyCareer mode being an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 exclusive, some fans have expressed concern that last-gen versions of WWE 2K15 would be hurt by a lack of content.

Today, details were released about how the NXT roster would be integrated into the full game, and how that will give last-gen players an exclusive experience. Who Got NXT will feature Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Rusev, Bo Dallas, and the now-retired Corey Graves in their own story chapters. Each has four matches with a unique story going from one match to the next, and after beating it, that NXT wrestler will be unlocked for the main game.

Upon completion, you’ll gain access to the Proving Ground match. This takes the same basic setup as last year’s Defeat the Streak mode, but uses the game’s cover star John Cena. Between these modes offering up something unique and the lack of the match-starting mini-game, there are at least a few reasons to consider getting both a last-gen and current-gen version of the game for die-hard fans.