Puzzle and Dragons Publisher Partners with Galak-Z Developer

17-Bit studios, best known for the turn-based strategy hit Skulls of the Shogun, announced today an upcoming collaboration with GungHo Online Entertainment, publisher of mobile sensation Puzzle and Dragons. Details on the project have yet to be specified, but GungHo released the following statement on the partnership:

17-Bit’s dedication to re-energizing classic genres for next-gen gaming fits perfectly with GungHo’s core values and notably expands the breadth of our game portfolio. We pursued this partnership because we have high expectations for the developer and are eagerly awaiting to collaborate on their next major release.

While little is known of what these two studios have in the works, 17-Bit’s extremely promising Galak-Z: The Dimensional is due for release early next year on PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC. Check out our preview here, and feel free to imagine all the wonderful things this partnership could produce.