Remake Documentary of Halo 2 Starts Airing October 31

With 343 Industries currently working on the remastered Halo compilation, fans of the series are probably curious about how some of their favorite titles are being adapted for modern consoles. Particularly the beloved Halo 2, which many fans consider the pinnacle of the entire franchise. In preparation of this compilation, a documentary detailing the story behind this remake is being released for free.

Previously, an announcement trailer was released showing off what to expect in the documentary, and on Friday we received a second trailer and more details on the release. The collection itself will be launching November 11, 2014, and it was confirmed the documentary will be released for free on October 31, 2014. It can either be downloaded directly on Xbox Video or streamed on Twitch at several different times.

From what has been disclosed so far, this looks to be a difficult documentary to ignore for fans of the series. Not only are there a number of interviews with people directly involved with the remake, but the behind the scenes information and insight from the original team at Bungie should be invaluable to fans. At the price point of no price at all, even the mildly curious will want to check this out.