The Last Of Us Gets GOTY Edition For PS3 In Europe

The Last of Us was a riveting, gripping game by Naughty Dog that we here at Hardcore Gamer were quite fond of. It came out in the middle of last year, so clearly right now is the best time for a game of the year edition. Well, a “a game of a year” edition might be a better phrasing, since while it may not have come out this year, it did in fact come out some year.

As confirmed by the European PlayStation Blog, The Last of Us will be getting a GOTY edition on November 11, 2014. This edition will not only come with the base game, but with the Left Behind DLC, eight additional multiiplayer maps, and a new Grounded Mode which will add extra difficulty to the game. This will be exclusive to the PS3 as the PS4 already got a pretty complete package of the game earlier this year.

There is currently no information about whether the game will be making its way stateside or not, or if they will wait another couple of years so it will be the only game of the year on the PS3 that year.