Diancie is Finally Available at GameStop

The long awaited legendary Pokémon Diancie has finally arrived. Starting today and lasting until November 16, you’ll be able to visit any participating GameStop locations and obtain a code card to download Diancie. You can only download Diancie for Pokémon X and Y. There is no purchase necessary to get the card. You won’t need to pre-order Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby so hopefully fans won’t run in to anymore problems.

Once Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby come out on November 21, then you’ll be able to transfer Diancie over. Then you can visit a Pokémon Center to obtain its Mega Stone. This means Diancie won’t be able to Mega Evolve in X and Y.

Diancie’s name and image was leaked last year along with two other Pokémon. There has been no information whatsoever pertaining to them. Now that Diancie is available, there should at least be some bits of news in the near future.

Watch Diancie’s trailer below to watch her in action.