Primal Carnage: Extinction Coming to PS4 Q1 2015

Dinosaurs are invading PS4 Q1 2015 courtesy of Primal Carnage: Extinction.

Primal Carnage: Extiniction is a class-based, online multiplayer shooter with one team playing as humans, and the other as dinosaurs. Humans are given a wide-range of destructive weapons, and the dinosaurs get to use their natural gifts. The game is set to launch on PC this fall, and today we’ve learned that a PS4 version is also in development.

Primal Carnage was originally announced for the PS4 in 2013 as Primal Carnage: Genesis. There was a strong concept for a single-player narrative-driven game, but the project was too large in scope for Lukewarm Media, and Circle 5 Studios took over development. Circle 5 Studios is composed of a distributed network of designers and artists that grown out of the modding community of the original Primal Carnage. Circle 5 refocused their efforts into starting over with the brand and launch a multiplayer focused game on PS4 and PC. Primal Carnage: Genesis has been put on hold indefinitely, though the developers have not ruled out returning to it in the future. For now though, we get the intense multiplayer action of Primal Carnage: Extinction.