PS4’s Missing Suspend/Resume Feature is Still in Development

One of the many great features Sony announced at its 2013 PS4 reveal event was the Suspend/Resume feature. The ability to put your console in a lower power state, and then resume where you left off with just a tap of the PS button sounded too good to be true, and it was to good to be true. Suspend/Resume, like Share Play and YouTube support, did not initially launch with the console, and while YouTube and Share Play will be added in upcoming Firmware Update 2.0, Suspend/Resume is still nowhere to be found.

However, it has not been forgotten. Speaking to VideoGamer,┬áSCEE’s VP of product planning Murray Hume confirmed that the feature is still in development for a future update.

“There’s nothing to announce today, we haven’t stopped working on it.”

The idea behind Suspend/Resume originated from smartphones, which allow you to put the phone into a low power mode and then wake and resume what you were doing. If phones can do it, then why not consoles? We hope to see the feature implemented sometime in the near future.