Home Brings Pixelated Horror to PS4 Today

Back in 2012, developer Benjamin Rivers created a horror game named Home on PC. Although it featured pixel art graphics, something about it was completely unnerving. Perhaps it had something to do with how the game gave players freedom to explore and tweak its narrative. Up until now no console players have had access to Home.

Home for PS4 was detailed earlier this week. It will have Trophy support as well. Although a date wasn’t announced for the Vita version it’s said to be coming “shortly after” PS4.

The game will launch at a discount of $2.99. It offers Cross Buy support as well so you only need to nab one copy of Home to play on both systems.

Finally, to celebrate the arrival of Home on the PS4, developer Benjamin Rivers will host a live Twitch stream at 8pm EST here. The stream will feature behind-the-scenes developer commentary and include members of the Toronto games community.