TOME: Immortal Arena Receives a Steam Release Date

Free-to-Play developer KIXEYE has announced that their incredibly accessible MOBA (no, that’s not an oxymoron) TOME: Immortal Arena will be hitting Steam on November 21st.

Rade Stojsaljevec, who worked on Command & Conquer and Shawn Carnes of League of Legends and World of Warcraft fame are leading TOME: Immortal Arena‘s development. The action-brawler MOBA is attempting to remove a great deal of the genre’s more confusing elements, instead focusing on moment-to-moment action. Because players don’t have to leave the battle to visit base fountains or craft complex items, matches will last 10-20 minutes on average. Also of note is the debut of TOME: Immortal Arena‘s new 5 v 5 map, dubbed “Sanctuary,” which will provide players with exciting content before a currently-in-development 7 v 7 map is released.

Those looking to keep their all-important cash in their wallets will be happy to learn that TOME: Immortal Arena will be free-to-play when it launches on November 21st.