Internet Arcade Launches, 900 Games Can Be Played Online For Free

The Internet Archive has been working for some time on putting just about everything they can online for public consumption. In addition to already providing access to numerous classic consoles for free, they have tons of audio, text, and video files available for absolutely no charge. And yesterday, their already impressive library became even more impressive when they launched the Internet Arcade.

The Internet Arcade can be found here, and it’s essentially what the name suggests. It’s an arcade available entirely online, and one that requires absolutely none of your hard earned quarters to boot. The arcade currently provides over 900 different titles, varying from classics like Centipede to lesser known titles like Frisky Tom.

As they’ve only just launched, the Internet Archive is aware of the numerous bugs and glitches that pop up from time to time. Still, for a total price of absolutely nothing, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to jump into some of the niftiest games of yesteryear.