Bioware Shows Off Mass Effect 4 Concept Art On N7 Day

Yesterday was November 7, also known as N7 Day to Mass Effect fans. Recognizing this, Bioware took the opportunity to release some fascinating new pieces of concept art from Mass Effect 4.

While we know Commander Shepard will not be a part of the next game, it looks like you may be at least some sort of biotic-power based soldier, and as previously rumored, the Mako appears to be a major transportation player on many planets’ rougher terrains. Here’s hoping it controls a lot better than it did in the first Mass Effect game.

Alongside the release of the concept art, Bioware also revealed that they’ve brought on the Lead Writer from Halo 4, Chris Schlerf, taking over for the series’ previous lead writer Mac Walters (who has shifted to a Creative Director role). Casey Hudson is no longer producing at Bioware, but new producer Fabrice Condominas has big expectations, not only for Mass Effect 4, but for what can be — potentially — a brand new trilogy.

“If we were just doing Mass Effect 4, we would be failing in a way,” said the series producer. “You can see even in the trilogy how the games differ from one to the next, and if we were less ambitious we could have just done the same thing and it would have worked. But we want to take the risk and deliver something new and exciting.”

Mass Effect 4 looks to be a huge leap forward for the franchise, but will it be able to live up to its predecessors? Only time will tell. In the meantime, you can enjoy these sweet new pieces of concept art. Click on each thumbnail below for a full-size image.