Hyrule Warriors DLC Brings Twili Midna to Battle

Fresh off the Amiibo content, Nintendo continues to deliver post-launch support for their Zelda musou game: Hyrule Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors supervisor Eiji Aonuma detailed new info on Miiverse today for the upcoming DLC pack for the game, which will feature characters from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; specifically the introduction of Twili Midna as a playable character.

For those who aren’t in the know (possible spoilers ahead), Midna’s imp form in Twilight Princess was not her true form. Her Twili form, which had a more human-like appearance, was not revealed until the end of Twilight Princess.

Twili Midna’s main weapon is the Mirror of Twilight, another item from Twilight Princess. The DLC pack will also feature new weapons, costumes, and a new adventure map. Aonuma also teased a costume for Link that, as he said, “may make you say ‘wow!'”

The Twilight Princess DLC pack will hit the eShop on November 27, a great time to head back to Hyrule Warriors for a while.