Pre-Purchase Dragon Ball Xenoverse Now

Are you excited to see Goku save Earth once again? You shouldn’t be. I mean, why wait for that bum when you can do it yourself!?

That’s precisely what Dragon Ball Xenoverse offers; putting your custom avatar to the test in some of the series’ most iconic battles. In essence, you’ll be stopping Vegeta and Nappa instead of relying on that insufferable Krillin. And you’ll be ending Frieza’s reign of terror without 20 episodes (and a new movie) worth of dialogue.

The game won’t be available until February 17, 2015, however, you can pre-purchase it right now and nab some exclusive playable characters and costumes. So, pay for it now and just wait around while Cell destroys the city until you can finally get your copy. Let’s just pray to Shenron that it’s more enjoyable than Battle of Z.