Be a Dragon in ‘Dragon’, an open-world RPG about Dragons

Dragons haven’t always received proper representation in video games. Seriously: for every Dragon Age or Skyrim there’s a Lair — a game so bad that, with enough fictional support, PETA could have easily launched a dragon advocacy campaign and ran commercials requesting donations using nothing but game footage.

That’s where ‘Dragon‘ comes in, Red Level Games’ not-a-dragon-simulator but totally an open-world action RPG. In Dragon, players take command of a budding beast, tackling an open-world of monsters, dangers and rewarding experiences. Players will duke it out with Giants and Trolls, hone their skills and, with some thinly veiled barbarity, hunt and kill other dragons. With enough time and training, it’s possible to incite some hilarious fear in various cities, too.

Dragon is currently on Steam Early Access, and soaring through its skies will run you $17.99. While the game is reportedly buggy (in alpha), player response has been wholly positive, and those willing to invest in the developer are sure to be rewarded with greatness…eventually.

Check out the official website for more information.