Indie Royale Debut 21 Bundle Released

Indie Royale’s Debut bundles tend to be a fantastic way to enjoy some games that are up for Greenlight approval, but are also available on Desura. The 21st installment is now out and gets you a ton of games for under $3. For $2.37, seriously, you can get Urja, Quantum Concience, Fake Colours, F1 Chequered Flag, Just Get Through, Ilamentia, Miner Warfare, and The Ingenious Machine. These games vary from being puzzlers to 3D puzzlers to first-person ones, and you even get a solid-looking racer thrown in there too. It’s a heck of a deal and a fine way to try out some games that you otherwise would miss out on. Everything here activates on Desura, and if it gets Greenlit, you’ll get a code for it on Steam down the line as well.