‘Disney Magic Castle Dream Island’ Coming to iOS and Android

Disney Magic Castle Dream Island is probably the worst title for a farming simulator in the history. Seriously. It is, however, coming from Senran Kagura developer Marvelous Entertainment, so we’ll assume the name is just an exploitation device for the child demographics and that the game itself, which launches on iOS and Android this December, will be good.

While the title implies that the game features magical castles and dreamy islands, it’s more or less a mobile Harvest Moon with sprinkles of Disney charm. Players will plant and cultivate crops, manage farm animals, sell the harvests and purchase decorative items. It’s an odd combination of franchises that doesn’t really make sense, but also doesn’t really have to.

Characters like Mickey, Donald and Goofy will make appearances, but their involvement in the game is fairly limited. Suffice it to say, Disney Magic Castle Dream Island is tailored to a very specific market: people who enjoy kid-friendly farming sims and popular Disney characters. That said, and considering the developers catalog of similar titles, it’s almost certain to please genre newcomers as well.

Check out some nifty screenshots below and soak in the vibrant colors (and levitating girls):