Receive a Free Shiny Beldum in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby

We know you’re all busy playing Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby right now, but this will only take like two seconds. Save your file and go back to the title screen. Once there, you can select the option of receiving a Pokémon via Internet connection. The only one available on there will be a shiny Beldum just for you (and anyone else who follows these steps).

This Pokémon will be especially helpful on your travels through Hoenn. In the old game you had to wait until reaching one of the last towns in order to obtain it, so it’s nice to get one at the beginning. You could actually receive it at the very start of your journey (right after picking a starter), that way you’ll already have two in your party.

Beldum comes with the move Hold Back, introduced in generation VI. It’s similar to False Swipe in that they’ll always leave a target with 1 hit point. There’s only one other Pokémon with that attack, the special Pokémon Bank Celebi, which makes this Beldum pretty special. This move is handy early in the game allowing you to keep a wild Pokémon alive long enough to catch it. They also come with three other attacks, which is nice because the one in the old version only had one attack (and you would have to wait for an evolution before learning more). It’s also a good idea to snag Beldum early because it comes with a Mega Stone. So, after a while you’ll get to evolve to Metagross if things get tough.

Okay, that’s all the news for now. Back to staring at your screens.