Nintendo teaches you how to Walk in Smash Bros. in New Video

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U launched yesterday to an incredible reception, and for the second time in as many months the world seems to be enamored with Super Smash Bros. For many gamers, however, this may be their first foray into Nintendo’s wonderful party brawler, and Nintendo has been nice enough to launch a brand new video series called ¬†“Super Smash Bros. 101” to help them along. Don’t expect any groundbreaking tips just yet, though.

The first episode claims to teach you “How to Win at Smash Bros.”, but doesn’t explain how to launch even one basic attack. Instead, the video spends its entire running time demonstrating the movement controls. You’ll learn how to tiptoe, walk, and even run by the end, which the last time I checked is not, in fact, how you win at Smash Bros.

Stranger still is the fact that the tutorial is given using the 3DS version of the game when the Wii U version launched just yesterday. It’s hard to understand the logic behind it, especially since¬†Super Smash Bros. for 3DS has already sold over one millions copies since its launch on October 3. Surely Nintendo doesn’t think the Wii U version will sell itself?

Whatever the case, Super Smash Bros. 101 is sure to provide all sort of useful tips down the line. Maybe next we’ll practice pausing the game! Don’t move too fast, though – you have to learn how to walk before you can pause.

Check out the video below: