Killer Instinct’s Newest Character ‘Kan-Ra’ Gets His Own Trailer

We’re just one day from getting our grubby hands on Killer Instinct’s newest fighter, Kan-Ra, as Ultra Edition purchasers will see a November 24 release for the not-a-mummy character. Combo Breaker Purchasers will have to wait until November 30 to get access to him, but both groups can at least check out the fighter in action in the latest trailer released for the game.

We’ve heard all about his history, and now we finally get to see some of his moves. Originally advertised as a trap grappler, the trailer below does a nice job of showing why that description is fitting. We see a lot of ranged attacks, trap moves, and incredibly high mobility in certain situations. He looks to be one of the most unique fighters to join the roster in quite some time.

Check him out in action below, and keep your eyes peeled. According to the developers, the next fighter to be added can be glimpsed in the following trailer as well.