1920s Brawler Speakeasy’s Launch Trailer Features Old-Timey Fun, See

Do you like beating up nuns, see? Is beating your friends your number one goal, see? If you’re the owner of a hopefully still shiny PlayStation 4, you can download the most unique fighting game the world has seen in quite some time, see.¬†Speakeasy, the first PS4 title from Gun Media hits the PlayStation Store today, and it looks to be a riveting fun-fest if this launch trailer is any indication, see.

Speakeasy will set you back a mere $9.99, though PlayStation Plus subscribers will save an extra 10%, see. Up to four players can enjoy a number of fast-paced modes ranging from King of the Hill to standard brawls, see. Now duke it out and be sure not to lose your top hat in the process, see.