Tencent Games to Publish Orcs Must Die Unchained in China

Tencent Games, the Chinese game publisher known for popularizing League of Legends in China, has found a new MOBA to take under its wing, and a surprising one to say the least. Orcs Must Die: Unchained developers announced this morning that the majority owners of Riot Games will be handling the Chinese release of their budding MOBA title.

Well, in China it will be called a “TOBA,” or a Tower Defense Online Battle Arena. Developer Robot Entertainment said the partnership is significant because of “China’s growing importance in the expanding global PC gaming market.”

The Chinese version will add a bit of native flair for its new market, adding a Chinese hero named Mulan, Terracotta Warrior-inspired characters, and traps modeled after the Great Wall, according to the announcement, with more Chinese elements to come.

“China is a massive and growing market, and we are thrilled to partner with the leading publisher in China, Tencent Games, to further extend our global reach,” said Patrick Hudson, Robot Entertainment CEO, according to the announcement.

While Orcs Must Die: Unchained hasn’t caught on in the competitive MOBA scene quite yet, which could be because the game is still in Beta, this new partnership could guarantee that the spinoff of the Orcs Must Die Franchise will be big somewhere.