Dontnod Entertainment Working on Unannounced PS4/Xbox One RPG

Dontnod Entertainment has had an interesting existence thus far. Instead of working their way up from indie games, they burst onto the scene in 2013 with the AAA quality (and criminally underrated) Remember Me. Although it didn’t sell well, Dontnod moved publishers from Capcom to Square Enix and began work on their recently announced episodic title Life is Strange. Although the game doesn’t set to debut until next year, it seems the studio is already beginning work on their third title. A job listing has been posted for a Senior Game Designer on an upcoming RPG.

The project seems to be in early stages as the job description seemingly wants somebody to design the basis of the RPG mechanics. As Remember Me is a third-person action title and Life is Strange is an adventure title, this new project is likely unrelated to those properties.

We’ll follow the story and report back when more information surfaces.