Ni no Kuni Developer to Reveal PlayStation 4 game at E3

Remember White Knight Chronicles?  How about the Professor Layton series? Inazuma Eleven? Ni No Kuni? Fantasy Life? Since 2000’s Dark Cloud, Japanese juggernaut developer Level-5 has been delivering fantastic adventures to gamer’s the world over. And according to the company, their latest project is a PlayStation 4 game to be revealed at E3 2015.

In a recent “White Knight Chronicles livestream”, Level-5 president Akihiro Hino made a statement that hints at the company’s next project (mind our rough translation of Gamestalk’s original post). “I want to create something that exceeds White Knight Chronicles in terms of epic.”

Given Level-5’s record, there’s a strong possibility that PlayStation 4 has another 100+ hour RPG on the way (an hour count Hino believes to be the standard for full-length roleplaying games).