Gritty Hand-Drawn Adventure ‘Johnny Rocketfingers 3’ Seeks Kickstarting

Ryan Khatam is an ambitious individual with a history of making neat, dark animated adventures and a resume that boasts storyboarding at animation giant Nickelodeon. HisĀ Johnny Rocketfingers series is entering its third iteration and he plans to meld high-quality animation, Tarantino-esque action and puzzles like adventure game classics.

Intense protagonist Johnny Rocketfingers embarks on his first Unity-coded adventure brimming with animated cutscenes and humorous dialogue. He’ll fight foes of every flavor to escape a hostile alien planet before confronting cons and creeps of every flavor back on Earth.

The 15$ and 17$ tiers are the remaining Early Bird pricesĀ for the upcoming adventure, with $20 netting you the game on the Kickstarter when those run out.