Never Alone gets Patch, Available in Europe

A week later Never Alone is finally available for Europeans on PlayStation 4.

Never Alone is the first video game to be based off of a U.S. Indigenous culture and was released last week. The game was created by Upper One Games with E-Line Media and around 40 members of the Alaskan Native tribe.

When the game released it had a few technical problems, but Upper One has promptly addressed them with the 1.1 patch. Here are the patch notes:

  • In single-player mode, the character you’re not controlling will behave more intelligently
  • The difficulty of the last few chapters of the game is more balanced with earlier chapters
  • General control improvements
  • It will be harder to accidentally switch to co-op mode when using the keyboard
  • Fixes to address Save Game issues
  • Fixed a bug where Never Alone would fail to launch when Steam was in Offline Mode
  • In addition, the patch includes a new key-binding text file that is optimized for play on AZERTY and DVORAK keyboards.

The 1.1 patch is currently only available for the PC Steam release. Upper Plans to release patches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One shortly. More updates will be available in the coming weeks. If you’re interested you can read our review of the game pre-patch here.