Xbox Japan Boss Resigns Following Horrendous Xbox One Sales

Xbox One has been picking up steam in North America thanks to a holiday price cut. The same, however, cannot be said for Japan where the Xbox One is doing even worse than the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox did.

According to the Media Create sales charts, Xbox One has only sold 38,461 units in Japan since the console’s September launch. Over 20,000 of those were sold during the first week. According to the sales charts (thanks, Neogaf), Xbox One sold a meager 776 units last week. It’s competition, the PS4 and Wii U, sold 12,400 and 9,600 units respectively.

It’s because of these sales that Takashi Sensui, Xbox Japan boss, has resigned. He’ll stay with Microsoft, but work out of the U.S. headquarters instead. Xbox has never truly been able to succeed in Japan for numerous reasons. The Japanese prefer buying from Japanese companies, like Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft also fails to provide Japanese players with the types of games they want, which are typically JRPGs. Shooters like Call of Duty don’t really appeal to the Japanese audience like they do with the American audience. Hopefully Sansui’s replacement will have better luck in the Land of the Rising Sun.