Blood Sport Kickstarter Suspended

Earlier this week, we reported on a bizarre Kickstarter project called Blood Sport, a controller that would siphon blood from your arm anytime you take damage in game. Now it seems like this experiment has reached the end of the road.

The Blood Sport Kickstarter was suspended earlier this week. severing funding after earning $3,390 CAD of its $250,000 CAD goal. No comment has been made by Kickstarter on the reasoning behind the suspension, but a recent quote from the developers claims that it could have to do with their “tie in to medical equipment or charity, or safety concerns since [they’re] not officially partnered with a blood clinic yet (but [they’re] working on that).”

The potential health risks of using the device are clearly marked on the Kickstarter page, as some could lead to dangerous situations due to the player’s movements while having blood taken, but no confirmation has been made as to if this was the reason for Kickstarter’s intervention.

I guess the world isn’t ready for having blood siphoned from your arm after getting killed in Call of Duty.