Glitch in WWE 2K15 on PS4/XBO Erasing Save Data

Since the game’s launch last month, there have been an increasing number of reports and threads on the official 2K forums support page indicating a multitude of bugs. In particular, a nasty save glitch has become quite commonplace among players, and I too unfortunately encountered this issue.

You know you’ve encountered the glitch when the game asks you to accept its online terms and conditions again. Once you accept (and there is no choice really), the game erases your save data — but not all of it. From personal experience and other reports, this glitch erases the following:

  • Progress made in 2K Rivalries Showcase mode
  • Items you have unlocked
  • Progress made in Universe Mode

Apart from those three things all other data remains safe and intact, and this includes any DLC downloaded, progress made in My Career (which is a huge relief), and your current online leaderboard ranking.

wwe 2k

While this isn’t a sure fire way to avoid, the best method to prevent this from happening (until a major patch is issued) is to avoid pressing the home button (whether you’re playing on PS4 or XBO) while the game is auto-saving. While the game technically does not shut down when you press the home button, it still acts up if you do so while it is auto-saving.

Auto-saving is indicated by a yellow WWE logo (as pictured above) and this happens fairly frequently without you noticing it. If you’re going to exit via the home button, make sure you’re in the main menu first. Other reported suggestions recommend that players remain connected to the internet during sessions.

2K has taken note of the issue on their support page and hopefully a patch will follow soon.